What is Cine Mini?

Cine Mini is a new unique multi-sensory cinema experience 
created specifically for young families with the motto ‘play with movies’.

Turning the idea of a traditional trip to the cinema on its head,
Cine Mini is a fun, relaxed, imaginative and interactive way to introduce
children to the wonders of the silver screen.

 As well as showing new and old family favourites in unique venues,
guests will be invited to join in with movie-related play such as crafts,
themed activities, face painting, special VIP appearances,
and immersive experiences before and throughout the film.


How it Works

Cine Mini events are completely bespoke. 

 The venue, theme, activities, and special appearances
 are unique to each film being screened.

Play with Movies:

Before each screening, we set the scene with themed activities such as imaginative crafts, face painting, games, food, drink and entertainment experiences

Play the Movie:

As guests move through to the screening room, they will be stepping into a magical storytelling world where they will have the freedom to explore as only children can. 

During the film, props, performances and special guests create an unparalleled viewing experience,
engaging children and sparking imaginations. You’ll be on the edge of your beanbag!

About Us:

As parents we wanted to take our children to the movies,
but in a way we could all experience the magic of storytelling as a family
without being confined to a seat in a dark room.

Cine Mini was founded in 2016 by Melloney Cunnell and Michelle Tyler.

The playmakers: (from l-r) Michelle Tyler, Melloney Cunnell and Danielle Lawler

Michelle Tyler


P: +44 (0)7584 253 415


Melloney Cunnell

Creator and Founder

P: +44 (0)7743 854 736

E: melloney@cineminifilmclub.com

Danielle Lawler


P: +44 (0)7740 585 269

E: Danielle@cineminifilmclub.com


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